Tiger Philosophy lesson 152: Why Devdas never loved Parvati!

It feels strange to accuse  Devdas, who has become our symbol of love as an advocate of  hate!  The more I think about Devdas the more his character starts to unveil his real nature. What I thought to be  a beautiful truth appears to be an ugly lie. Parvati was never the great love of Devdas, she was rather a beautiful means towards his  pathological goal.

Why would Parvati  love Devdas so much, who has only  written her 3 letters in 10 years. How gracefully she returns his ‘generous’ favor, by  burning an oil lamp for 10 years in his long expectations. Is she not living in a fantasy by denying the reality in front of her? Holding to a picture of time long ago, barricading growth and waiting to be rescued.

How have they become symbols for love?  

10 years have passed, the world has changed, everything has changed  but they keep on holding to this blurry image of their youth.

The  immature character of Devdas and Parvati  manifest in many ways in their life. Parvati who is living under the  psychological slavery of Devdas with her own consent and Devdas who has lived his whole live under the tyranny of his father. Like father like sun, Devdas enjoys tyrannizing  the people who love him. When it comes to important decisions taking he  withdraws himself from every form of  responsibility.  In the end  he destroys  a dream which was a fantasy which could have become a reality.

Despite Parvati’s childish behavior I can live with her, I have a deep respect for her patience and devotion towards Devdas.  But with Devdas I cannot be so forgiving I  have a personal vendetta with him.  After deserting  Parvati, his true nature comes in being. A pathological being craving for attention from others by inflicting pain to himself, a masochist of the highest degree. I would have been happy if he had left the scene after abandoning Parvati and never returning back. The innocence of Devdas is burning with desire to see his love ones in agony. Devdas  has taken two vows, 1st vow “to drink till death separates him from life” and 2nd vow to visit Parvati’s house one time before dying. One vow is to make his own life miserable  and other to ruin happiness of Parvati.

The entrance  of Chandramukhi  in Devdas live  is again a confirmation of his tyranny. Chandramukhi  who has accepted the misery of life, has accepted self-hate as love, has accepted love as means  to power. Who chooses Devdas as her lover as her worshipper, because in Devdas she sees a person with greater self-hate then her own.

I don’t think that Devdas  ever loved Parvati or cared about Chandramukhi, he loved pity he craved for attention which was  nourished by a deep self-hate. He enjoyed every bit of that misery, every  bit of pain and torment towards himself till the very end of  his life.

The love of a masochist.

End note: Then a question arises, why I would care to write about Deva and Paro?


Tiger philosophy lesson 140: Love after first sight

At every new encounter  there is a new disappointment. At every attempt to discover somebodies world there  is an experience  of  deep emptiness.  Each and every time I feel cheated by the other,  from the outside they seemed so beautiful so promising so alluring.  From inside they are rotten, there thinking,  there  vision is so poor and outdated.

They have invested all there investment on the outside. It  looks  shining and promising from the distance but from inside they  all are  beggars bagging for their little happiness.  All they are doing is Running away from  Pain and time not knowing pain is inevitable  and the time will eventually outran them.

Maybe it is my own hollowness, emptiness, meaninglessness,  purposelessness, senselessness, ugliness, stupidness, pittyness  which is reflected back to me through  the other what I am experiencing in these moments of meeting  from moment to moment.

Love after first sight


Tiger philosophy lesson 139: Official week against loneliness

It is said that 25% of Dutch population suffers from loneliness. According to my understanding 100% of us are lonely, depressed and are at the edge of insanity. The only difference in between those who really experience it and those who APPARANTLY don’t is the strategy they are using.

Why do we feel lonely ? Those of us who are not feeling lonely jet, have occupied our self with so much garbage that we never are really confronted with our loneliness. We are busy all the time, with our work, studies and our social activities. We have no time to get in contact with our loneliness. It is a strategy and a fear at the same time to avoid contact with our self.

If we would take away all our activities just for one month and bring us in a situation in which we are confronted with our self. Where we would be forced to look at the poor quality of our most important relationship, the relationship with our self. We would notice it is a marriage which has become suicidal.

For me it is not a small accusation on a society in which it is said that 25% of the people are lonely!

How can we feel lonely even when we are surrounded by 1000 of people continuously? It is like one loneliness is meeting other loneliness in all our activities. One of the root causes we feel lonely is the superficiality of relationship we experience. It is not so strange that we admire programs like“friends” , “sex and the city” and a like. They represent a higher form of superficiality with which we as society have started to identify. We need to look carefully at how we relate to each other. The quality of relationships at society level can only increase if we are ready to improve our relationship with our self .

If we do not increase the quality of relationship with our self we as society are bound to become lonely , depressed and insane.

Official week against loneliness.

(I am interested in your opinion about this tiger Philosophy, please let me know what are your thoughts about it)

Tiger philosophy lesson 138: The hierarchy of pain!

As I was walking on the street, I saw a small kid crying. He was bleeding on his knees. I sat down to comfort him. As I sat next to him this tiger philosophy arouse in me. I grabbed the opportunity to think about my philosophy and comfort the young boy.

Thus I begun and the young listener listened. “There are 3 levels of pain one can experience”, I said to the young listener. There is pain of poor person, there is pain of rich person and there is pain of the higher self. Whenever you have to choose among these pain choose thehighest pain, because only through highest pain you can grow toward your final destination.

The poor man experiences what is described as “pythra” which expresses itself in physical body. It is always concerned with survival, hunger, wealth, status, desire with all our very basic needs.

“What about the pain of the rich man”, asked the young listener? The rich man experiences pain in the psychological body. He experiences a deep sadness, a sense of meaninglessness to his existence. That is called “dukkha”. It is the flowering of a seed in a never ending stream of void. He has all the reason to be happy, exactly therein lies the very root of his unhappiness. He has experienced wealth, health, love, there is nothing more to achieve for this person, he has everything his heart desires, still he experiences unhappiness.

“Interesting”, said the young listener! The higher- self experiences pain, which is neither physical nor psychological of nature, his pain manifests itself through itself at a compassionate level. There is a BIG difference in the first two and the last form of pain. The first two are concerned with you as a person. The pain of higher-self is only concerned with the state of other beings. It feels pain because others are in pain, it is not an ego based rather egoless pain. He feels pain because he is dis-attached, disconnect, distanced from the society. The mundane language does not support him to describe his higher experiences. The ears of the society are not ready to hear his voice, in this adequacy lays his pain.

The young listener had calmed down and I had my tiger philosophy for today, so here our paths separated again!

The hierarchy of pain!

Tiger philosophy lesson 136: The preacher of selfishness!

I learned at very young age the 2 great principles of manipulation. First lying will bring you further then the truth. For the simple reason nobody really wants to hear the truth, majority of us cannot handle the truth. We love to live in our own self-made reality which is save and less confronting. Second thing which opened my eyes for many possibilities was don’t give people what they need but what they want.

When I used to be younger the girls would reject me because of my young age. I started to seepattern in there behavior and amount of honesty I used, so I changed my strategy. I started telling lies about my age, about my financial situation anything basically what made them happy and wanted to hear . Whenever I lied I was more successful and whenever I have told the truth I lost the deal. The more I lie the better I can sell myself and I can see clearly the person who is buying the lie becomes even happier.

Nobody is truly interested in truth, because truth is by definition confronting and undesirable. You need men of different caliber to handle truth, unfortunately humanity has only produced few of such jewels. Who accepted reality as it was and where willing to do anything for the Nobel truth.

Now I am not against morality, but I do believe that morality denies human nature.

I can categorize people in two categories, those who lie to others to make them happy and those who tell the truth to do what is right. Without any exception those who tell the biggest lies are the happiest of them all. They are more successful more happy and with much better relationships.

I am not here to change the world, I am no Ghandi or Mother Theresa to sacrifice myself for the others. I am a simple selfish man living in a complex selfish world, where all of us are running for our own selfish reasons. Any relationship, from business to customer, from lover to beloved from parent to child, is full of selfish reasons. Nobody truly cares about others all we care about is for our own selfishness. Even in love which is the most noble of all is polluted by our selfish reasons…

Coming to start of the beginning. Once a question was asked, “what is truth? “ The answer was given, “try to define the “truth” and you will notice that it only consists of lies”.

The preacher of selfishness!