CSA Bron “oh what the fuck, go for it any way”

I had a 4 day very intense personal development training. This  was a follow-up based on my  previous training. In the previous training the focus was on recognizing the behavior patterns and taking decisions  from a  responsible position.

Focus of this training was to  release repressed emotions which we have accumulated in  our body.  Lot of deceases we experience are direct  result of repressed emotions. Headache, shoulder pains, fatigue, laziness, stress are result of repressed emotion. It is our body’s way of telling us to change something in our life.

The training demands high level of emotional and physical devotion. One is continuously confronted with his/her self.  Second focus of the training was to find our core qualities as a person. Living through our core qualities, we can live our deepest desires.  Our unhappiness shows us that we are not living our life in tune with our deepest desires.

After 2 weeks I have my next training. The purpose of this training is to create  a life which I truly desire. By divining 3 desires which are in alignment with my core qualities and accomplish them within the period of 3 months.


CSA training

I have attended a great training for past 5 days. The training was based on how our experiences of youth keep on reflecting in a negative way in our adult   life.

Because of our early experiences in our youth we build walls around us to protect our vulnerable self.  When we protect our vulnerable self  we imprison also our true authentic self. This wall/mask/imago/ego  prevents us to create a deep connection with our self and with  people in our surrounding. Don’t be in an illusion that  we automatically have a connection with our spouses, parents, friends or lovers. There could be a physical connection but that is not what I am talking about.

This trainings primary focus was on, recognizing our patterns of behavior and releasing the emotions which are repressed underneath that.

The trainer of the training was mind blowing, I have seen many good trainers and coaches but this guy is comparable to none.