Tiger Philosophy lesson 158: My first marathon!

tcs marathon 2015







How was your marathon Saqib?
It was very tough but I am happy that it is over now.

What was so tough about it?
I prepared very well for the marathon, but during the actual run, my body started aching after 25 km. My legs started to heart my feet were sore, my body just did not wanted to proceed with running.

Any reason why that happened?
I think I trained mostly in the evenings and the actual run was very early in the morning, that had some affect, the weather was cold and rainy and that could also have some affect.

How long did you train for it?
I trained about 6 months seriously, for some it may be too short for others to long.

Why did you run this marathon?
It was always my dream to run the full marathon, I always had a big admiration for the people who could run the marathon.

What was the most difficult part in preparation for the marathon?
The most difficult part were the long runs, sometimes I was running for 3.5 hours, running so long is very boring.

What is the next goal?
I want to run the 10km under 40 minutes?

Good luck with that!

My fitness goal 2013



My fitness goal for 2013, It has been defined quit S-M-A-R-T.

S-pecifiek        –>  body fat % from 20 to 15 while maintaining my current wait
M-easurable    –>  yes every 2 weeks I will check my results
A-ttainable       –>  though but doable
R-elevant         –> yes it keeps me fit, focused and energetic
T-ime-bound    –> within 7 month I must achieve it

It requires great discipline in training, nutrition and rest


Who wants to run a marathon?

I want to run a full marathon (42.2 km)  in beginning of  2013. With a  basic stamina it should be possible to prepare  for the marathon  within  8 to 10 months. It will be a  big challenge but also  lot of fun. Think about it, later when I am  old, sick, ugly and broke, I can tell my children, look my child when I was young I run a full marathon!

I am planning to run the marathon abroad,  maybe in (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, somewhere). Here are few options:

Feb 24 Land Rover Malta MarathonMdina – SliemaMalta
Mar 17 Rome MarathonRomeItaly
Mar 17 Marathon Catalunya – BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
Apr 7 Paris MarathonParisFrance
Apr 7 Milan City MarathonMilanItaly


I have created this schedule for myself  to prepare for the marathon. Starting date 23 aug week 34.  During the preparation I will adopt the schedule a little to my own need and preference.

It would be great to run the marathon together with a small group.  Who wants to run the marathon?