“Tiger Philosophy 179: Modern slavery!

What are u thinking?
I am thinking that I want to buy a nice big couch and a big tv, because I love to watch movies in a comfortable way.

Then again, I don’t have the money to buy. I will borrow or take a loan to buy what I want. If I really think about this, I will buy something which will make me happy but at the same time I am becoming in dept of somebody and losing my freedom. Now I have to work even harder to pay of the debts.

This is the system we are living in. We want to buy things which make us happy and that is good for the economy, but at the same time we are losing our freedom because we have to pay of the debts by working even harder, which takes our happiness away from us.

It is a vicious circle. We can’t stop buying because that will destroy our economy and our happiness. But if we keep buying, we lose our freedom.

It has something of modern time slavery in it.

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