Tiger Philosophy 180: Funny Thoughts.

1: Do you know how many people in my life have said to me, “DON’T THINK SO MUCH”! Hmmm that makes me think again about the whole situation 🙂

2:In the Sauna:
Dutch ma n to Marokish guy: Tjonge Tjonge is it that hard to take your close of when going to the Sauna
Marokkish guy: I don’t want other man to look at my private part and get exited

In the gym:
Me to a guy: How is life?
The guy answering: Life goes on, so we go on! (in Dutch it is funnier)

Outside the super market:
south American guys made some remark “he beautiful” to a Marokish girl, she was very pretty.
Maroksih girl giving lecture back to the guys: This all is test for you guys if you can control yourself then you will enjoy the bounties in the haven.

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