Saqib can I ask you a question? : Ambition

Saqib can I ask you a question?

Yes my cauliflower, I am quit hungry though.

I will keep it short, do you remember our last conversation? You talked about ambition. You were quite negative about ambition itself, I am disturbed by that thought.

I was disturbed as well when I heard this for the first time, but the more I think about my cauliflower1own ambition the more I realize it is a deep inferiority complex in me which has a tremendous need to show to the world look how great I am. Don’t get me wrong this is the answer I can only find for myself after a deep investigation into myself.

Can there be then no ambition without inferiority complexes?

I am sure that there is and that it is valid for many out there. But all I can say for myself, I see no other deeper motivation for myself to be ambitious then to show to the world look I am better than you think of me, I am not a nobody.

Hmm perhaps If I had more time we could have discussed more in depth, bon appetite Saqib

Thank you my cauliflower

Als je denkt dat alles tegenzit denk dan opnieuw!

Just now in the train a girl started talking to me. She asked about my job and asked if i liked my job. I said i dont like it. she said why do you do it, i said to pay the bills. She said are u happy with your life then, i said from scale one to 10, i would give it a 5. She said how come, i said i am hard to get even for happyness. She said,what would make u really happy now, what i really was thinking i did not say to her of course, so i said the second most honest thing. I said, if i could watch a good science fiction movie like alien 2 that would increase my happines from 5 to 5.5. She looked at me penetratingly and saw that i was serieus about what i was saying. Now her ears where ready to listen, thus i spoke.

Normaal is niets anders dan het gemiddelde van alle afwijkingen!

What are u thinking?
I am thinking that i want to buy a nice big couch and a big tv, because i love to watch movies in a comfortable way.

Then again i dont have the money to buy. i will borrow or take a loan to buy what i want. So if i really think about this, i will buy something which will make me happy but at the same time i am becoming in dept of sombody and losing my freedom. Now i have to work even harder to pay of the debts.

This is the system we are living in. We want to buy things which make us happy and that is good for the economy, but at the same time we are losing our freedom because we have to pay of the debts by working even harder, which takes our happiness away from us.

It is a vicious circle. We cant stop buying because that will destroy our economy and our happiness. But if we keep buying we lose our freedom.

It has something of modern time slavery in it.


Zonder pit geen groei!

What are you thinking Saqib?
Why have I not been successful !
Do you think you are not successful?
I don’t know, I can definitely say this about my professional career. I have not booked much progress sins I graduated! I do whatever I haveto do in a good way, but it is never at the same standard I set for my personal life.
How come?
I have occupied myself for a too long time with not relevant questions. Even though I am very ambitious, focused and determined , I have not been able to put these qualities in my professional life. Too busy in my own quest..
A quest in what?
In finding truth, moksha, virtue, god, beauty meaning for life. I am not so much interested in these things any more.
Why, have you found the answers?
No, I threw these question down the drain. It is not that I found the answers, but I eliminated the questions.
What now?
I will focus all my energy and my strongest qualities in my professional life.
What will happen then?
Then they will fear me!