Saqib can I ask you a question? : Ambition

Saqib can I ask you a question?

Yes my cauliflower, I am quit hungry though.

I will keep it short, do you remember our last conversation? You talked about ambition. You were quite negative about ambition itself, I am disturbed by that thought.

I was disturbed as well when I heard this for the first time, but the more I think about my cauliflower1own ambition the more I realize it is a deep inferiority complex in me which has a tremendous need to show to the world look how great I am. Don’t get me wrong this is the answer I can only find for myself after a deep investigation into myself.

Can there be then no ambition without inferiority complexes?

I am sure that there is and that it is valid for many out there. But all I can say for myself, I see no other deeper motivation for myself to be ambitious then to show to the world look I am better than you think of me, I am not a nobody.

Hmm perhaps If I had more time we could have discussed more in depth, bon appetite Saqib

Thank you my cauliflower

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