McDonald’s behind the arches

A great read, I really enjoyed reading this book. I started the book because of my discontent with McDonald’s and it’s  national and international policies and the way how it is influencing our health.

During this book I could not help then only admire and appreciate the innovativeness and Mcdonalds behind the archesentrepreneurship qualities of McDonalds and its earlier pioneers.

How a vision of “one” man transferred the  food industry and peoples way of consuming food.

How a perfect and harmonious cooperation of franchisees, suppliers and the central organ was organized to build a maximum synergy.  How the uniformity, central control, QSC(quality, service and cleanliness) became the key factors for the success formula. How McDonald’s created a total new fast-food and food processing industry.

McDonalds has grown to a giant which now can destroy the very thing which it was designed  to serve , namely  his customers by destroying their health.


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