Tiger Philosophy lesson 153: Simple solutions to big challanges Part 1! vehicles in the world
60.000.000 new cars/year

We have some great challenges ahead of us, some of us will look at these challenges seriously others may shy away from them. One thing is certain we cannot deny the existence of these challenges.

Increasing traffic is one of those challenges which is responsible for pollution, burning of valuable resources and indirectly influencing are physical en mental health.

There are no good alternatives offered to us which could substitute cars. Public transportation systems are very expensive and not convenient.  Most of the time they are difficult to reach, uncomfortable, unreliable and crowded.

PTS refers here after to Public Transportation SystemTP 153 burning of valuable resourses

We love and need to travel, we don’t necessarily want to create more pollution during our journeys. One important solution for solving traffic challenge could be to, “Provide totally free, fully automated, highly efficient, first class experience of PTS”.

Lot of new challenges will emerge in creating a fully free automated PTS. Question will arise like, who will be responsible for the costs? How will it affect the Car industry? Will our economy not collapse? There are many more of these type of questions which have to be addressed. As a wise man ones said, “We cannot solve major problems of our life at the same level of thinking in which we created them”. We need to think in new ways about, work, wages, profits, responsibilities, property, ownership, efficiency, future and our planet. When we stop looking at things in one way, other ways of looking at things will emerge. billion cars in the world billion cars in the world

First step is to agree upon that we need to make some sacrifices in old thinking for a better future. We will not accept solutions which are destroying our beautiful planet in front of our eyes. Car is and maybe will always stay a more convenient way of traveling, but at a certain point it is not just about being convenient but it becomes a matter of life and death we have to choose from.

Second step is to use state of the art technology to build a new universal PTS, which is highly intelligent and efficient in its design. Governments should set goals for their countries.  “Every place throughout the countries should be reachable with PTS.  Traveling with PTS will always result in faster and more comfortable journey”.

Third step will be the how to step. There are many innovative ideas for future PTS systems. Some are promising others are to experimental. The modern vehicles should be built to adopt instantly to the need of supply and demand. Intelligent software should acts as regulating agent for timetables, routes, size of vehicles, speed etc. Nothing should be fixed rather everything should be determined based on demand.

The PTS should also be used to transport cargo along with passengers, there should be no need to use separate trucks or trains to move common cargo.

I would have liked to see Dubai as a pioneer in new ways of traveling, they could have done much more beneficial work then only building higher buildings. They had the money and ambition to experiment with these new ideas.

A creative idea, still very limited in its design!