Zonder pit geen groei!

What are you thinking Saqib?
Why have I not been successful !
Do you think you are not successful?
I don’t know, I can definitely say this about my professional career. I have not booked much progress sins I graduated! I do whatever I haveto do in a good way, but it is never at the same standard I set for my personal life.
How come?
I have occupied myself for a too long time with not relevant questions. Even though I am very ambitious, focused and determined , I have not been able to put these qualities in my professional life. Too busy in my own quest..
A quest in what?
In finding truth, moksha, virtue, god, beauty meaning for life. I am not so much interested in these things any more.
Why, have you found the answers?
No, I threw these question down the drain. It is not that I found the answers, but I eliminated the questions.
What now?
I will focus all my energy and my strongest qualities in my professional life.
What will happen then?
Then they will fear me!