Who wants to run a marathon?

I want to run a full marathon (42.2 km)  in beginning of  2013. With a  basic stamina it should be possible to prepare  for the marathon  within  8 to 10 months. It will be a  big challenge but also  lot of fun. Think about it, later when I am  old, sick, ugly and broke, I can tell my children, look my child when I was young I run a full marathon!

I am planning to run the marathon abroad,  maybe in (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, somewhere). Here are few options:

Feb 24 Land Rover Malta MarathonMdina – SliemaMalta
Mar 17 Rome MarathonRomeItaly
Mar 17 Marathon Catalunya – BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain
Apr 7 Paris MarathonParisFrance
Apr 7 Milan City MarathonMilanItaly


I have created this schedule for myself  to prepare for the marathon. Starting date 23 aug week 34.  During the preparation I will adopt the schedule a little to my own need and preference.

It would be great to run the marathon together with a small group.  Who wants to run the marathon?

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