Tiger philosophy lesson 136: The preacher of selfishness!

I learned at very young age the 2 great principles of manipulation. First lying will bring you further then the truth. For the simple reason nobody really wants to hear the truth, majority of us cannot handle the truth. We love to live in our own self-made reality which is save and less confronting. Second thing which opened my eyes for many possibilities was don’t give people what they need but what they want.

When I used to be younger the girls would reject me because of my young age. I started to seepattern in there behavior and amount of honesty I used, so I changed my strategy. I started telling lies about my age, about my financial situation anything basically what made them happy and wanted to hear . Whenever I lied I was more successful and whenever I have told the truth I lost the deal. The more I lie the better I can sell myself and I can see clearly the person who is buying the lie becomes even happier.

Nobody is truly interested in truth, because truth is by definition confronting and undesirable. You need men of different caliber to handle truth, unfortunately humanity has only produced few of such jewels. Who accepted reality as it was and where willing to do anything for the Nobel truth.

Now I am not against morality, but I do believe that morality denies human nature.

I can categorize people in two categories, those who lie to others to make them happy and those who tell the truth to do what is right. Without any exception those who tell the biggest lies are the happiest of them all. They are more successful more happy and with much better relationships.

I am not here to change the world, I am no Ghandi or Mother Theresa to sacrifice myself for the others. I am a simple selfish man living in a complex selfish world, where all of us are running for our own selfish reasons. Any relationship, from business to customer, from lover to beloved from parent to child, is full of selfish reasons. Nobody truly cares about others all we care about is for our own selfishness. Even in love which is the most noble of all is polluted by our selfish reasons…

Coming to start of the beginning. Once a question was asked, “what is truth? “ The answer was given, “try to define the “truth” and you will notice that it only consists of lies”.

The preacher of selfishness!