Tiger philosophy lesson 138: The hierarchy of pain!

As I was walking on the street, I saw a small kid crying. He was bleeding on his knees. I sat down to comfort him. As I sat next to him this tiger philosophy arouse in me. I grabbed the opportunity to think about my philosophy and comfort the young boy.

Thus I begun and the young listener listened. “There are 3 levels of pain one can experience”, I said to the young listener. There is pain of poor person, there is pain of rich person and there is pain of the higher self. Whenever you have to choose among these pain choose thehighest pain, because only through highest pain you can grow toward your final destination.

The poor man experiences what is described as “pythra” which expresses itself in physical body. It is always concerned with survival, hunger, wealth, status, desire with all our very basic needs.

“What about the pain of the rich man”, asked the young listener? The rich man experiences pain in the psychological body. He experiences a deep sadness, a sense of meaninglessness to his existence. That is called “dukkha”. It is the flowering of a seed in a never ending stream of void. He has all the reason to be happy, exactly therein lies the very root of his unhappiness. He has experienced wealth, health, love, there is nothing more to achieve for this person, he has everything his heart desires, still he experiences unhappiness.

“Interesting”, said the young listener! The higher- self experiences pain, which is neither physical nor psychological of nature, his pain manifests itself through itself at a compassionate level. There is a BIG difference in the first two and the last form of pain. The first two are concerned with you as a person. The pain of higher-self is only concerned with the state of other beings. It feels pain because others are in pain, it is not an ego based rather egoless pain. He feels pain because he is dis-attached, disconnect, distanced from the society. The mundane language does not support him to describe his higher experiences. The ears of the society are not ready to hear his voice, in this adequacy lays his pain.

The young listener had calmed down and I had my tiger philosophy for today, so here our paths separated again!

The hierarchy of pain!

Tiger philosophy lesson 137: Proposition of the devil!

One night when I was sleeping my deepest sleep, the devil descended upon me and offered me a proposition. Before he started he said, “here is the deal, you have to choose me instead of god to be your savior”. He seemed serious and I was interested in his proposition. I said to the devil, “ it all depends on the proposition you offer. I am like a prostitute, for enough money I will do anything”.

The Devil continued…..

Devil: I will make you feel loved by the whole of the humanity, I will give you true love which you cherish so much!
Me: Will everybody love me for no reason, will I abide in the hearts of strangers, will I feel absolutely unity with my love, where there is no question of “you” and “I” but only “we” exists as a single entity?
Devil: yes

Devil: I will make you the most intellectual person of the world, , all the knowledge will be in you!
Me: Will I know answer to everything that is to know, will I not struggle to get answers to the deepest questions of life, will I lead a life of all knowing in this ignorant world?
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will make you the happiest man of the world, full of joy, full of self-confidence and without any doubt or fear!
Me: Will I be able to do anything I like, without any hesitation without any fear, will I never experience insecurity, will I stand among the bravest man of the world?
Devil: Yes, much higher then the bravest of them!

Devil: I will create greatest friendships and relationships for you!
Me: Will I have no doubt on any of my friendships anymore, will I know that I have full support of all the –ships, will I never have to worry that somebody will leave me alone ?
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will make you achieve any goal you set your hearth upon, you will be the best in anything you touch.
Me: Will I never fail or lose a challenge, will I not know what is disappointment ever, will I never shed tears of failure because I wanted it so badly.
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will create paradise for you everywhere you go, you will experience eternal peace and pleasures in any directions your feet set off!
Me: Will I never be bored again, will I always have fun and experience enjoyment, will I never feel depressed or unhappy, will I not wonder how it would be if I had more?
Devil: Yes yes

Devil: I will make you the healthiest man of earth, you will not experience old age, you will enjoy eternal youth.
Me: Will I not even grow one day older for all the eternity, will no cell in my body die or decay, will I not experience decease’s of any kind, will I be for eternity attractive healthy and youthful, will I not experience death, pain or misery?
Devil: Yes yes yes

“Choose now or remain silence for all it’s eternity”, the devil vanished after these last words.

Proposition of the devil