The Biology Of Belief

A difficult to comprehend book.  I was listening to the lectures of Wane Dayer in which he refers to this book and shows his admiration for it. That was the reason I bought this book.

Bruce Lipton  is a cell biologist, who has been researching cells for over 25 years. Through the research of Dr Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between our mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. He gives few scientific proves for these theories  and also rebels against the dogma scientist hold these days about the evolution theory ( The survival of the fittest  ) is not  as accurate as it learned to us.

It was quite difficult to understand the scientific aspects of the book. Bruce makes a switch in this book from scientific evidences to  practical side  of our thought process. He  emphasis how important it is to “control” or thoughts, because they  our continuously shaping our  life’s and life of the society in which we are living .

All in all a nice read but difficult to grasp material, maybe I have to read it one more time to really understand him!


Tiger philosophy lesson 137: Proposition of the devil!

One night when I was sleeping my deepest sleep, the devil descended upon me and offered me a proposition. Before he started he said, “here is the deal, you have to choose me instead of god to be your savior”. He seemed serious and I was interested in his proposition. I said to the devil, “ it all depends on the proposition you offer. I am like a prostitute, for enough money I will do anything”.

The Devil continued…..

Devil: I will make you feel loved by the whole of the humanity, I will give you true love which you cherish so much!
Me: Will everybody love me for no reason, will I abide in the hearts of strangers, will I feel absolutely unity with my love, where there is no question of “you” and “I” but only “we” exists as a single entity?
Devil: yes

Devil: I will make you the most intellectual person of the world, , all the knowledge will be in you!
Me: Will I know answer to everything that is to know, will I not struggle to get answers to the deepest questions of life, will I lead a life of all knowing in this ignorant world?
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will make you the happiest man of the world, full of joy, full of self-confidence and without any doubt or fear!
Me: Will I be able to do anything I like, without any hesitation without any fear, will I never experience insecurity, will I stand among the bravest man of the world?
Devil: Yes, much higher then the bravest of them!

Devil: I will create greatest friendships and relationships for you!
Me: Will I have no doubt on any of my friendships anymore, will I know that I have full support of all the –ships, will I never have to worry that somebody will leave me alone ?
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will make you achieve any goal you set your hearth upon, you will be the best in anything you touch.
Me: Will I never fail or lose a challenge, will I not know what is disappointment ever, will I never shed tears of failure because I wanted it so badly.
Devil: Yes

Devil: I will create paradise for you everywhere you go, you will experience eternal peace and pleasures in any directions your feet set off!
Me: Will I never be bored again, will I always have fun and experience enjoyment, will I never feel depressed or unhappy, will I not wonder how it would be if I had more?
Devil: Yes yes

Devil: I will make you the healthiest man of earth, you will not experience old age, you will enjoy eternal youth.
Me: Will I not even grow one day older for all the eternity, will no cell in my body die or decay, will I not experience decease’s of any kind, will I be for eternity attractive healthy and youthful, will I not experience death, pain or misery?
Devil: Yes yes yes

“Choose now or remain silence for all it’s eternity”, the devil vanished after these last words.

Proposition of the devil