Tiger philosophy lesson 140: Love after first sight

At every new encounter  there is a new disappointment. At every attempt to discover somebodies world there  is an experience  of  deep emptiness.  Each and every time I feel cheated by the other,  from the outside they seemed so beautiful so promising so alluring.  From inside they are rotten, there thinking,  there  vision is so poor and outdated.

They have invested all there investment on the outside. It  looks  shining and promising from the distance but from inside they  all are  beggars bagging for their little happiness.  All they are doing is Running away from  Pain and time not knowing pain is inevitable  and the time will eventually outran them.

Maybe it is my own hollowness, emptiness, meaninglessness,  purposelessness, senselessness, ugliness, stupidness, pittyness  which is reflected back to me through  the other what I am experiencing in these moments of meeting  from moment to moment.

Love after first sight


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