Tiger Philosophy lesson 162: When we came to Holland!

TP 162 gastarbeidersIn the previous 35 years or so sins we came to Holland much has changed. We came here not because we were kings among people, but to find the promised paradise. We came here as  second class citizens, that is how we felt and that is how we were treated.


What we saw! we saw beautiful streets, we saw spotless roads, we saw  fairness and just in the society, we saw respect for  life, we saw equal opportunities, we saw an organized state, law and order, we saw non corrupt government, we saw a great medical care,  we saw freedom of thinking and speech, we saw independent women, we saw naked women on the beach, we even saw 2 men getting married, we saw people who did not believe in god, we saw nightclubs, we saw people drinking alcohol openly, we saw being direct was more important than being nice, we saw different  ethnic groups living to gather, we saw how well the animals were treaded…TP 162 culture shock

Our interpretation of opportunities,    we saw opportunities in work, we saw a naive mentality, we saw  our rights without the obligations, we saw possibilities to  manipulate the system, we saw people getting money without working, we saw  by lying we could get even more money out of the system.

What we achieved, as the time passed the children grew older, fathers became stricter especially to their daughters. Education was good as long it did not conflicted with our norms and values. The children grew the marriages were conducted from back home. The connection was stronger with back home than with here, here was just a means to get to our goal.TP 162 great britain

We achieved respect of a rich man back home, we constructed big houses back home by living poorly here. The ego was ever present among all of us, we bragged about everything we could put our hands on. We were the people who did not have normal sanitary facilities back home, we were the people still using wooden tablets to write on, we were the people still using wood to make fire. We came from a country which could not provide us of the facilities which we enjoyed here. With this poor mentality we still achieved to educate our children to a high degree. Our children started working in high positions, the new generation started losing touch with back home, they started marrying to their own liking. Norm and values from back home become less present among them, they started to become a copy of the original, but copy become blurry and lacked the authenticity of the original.

A brief history of our life’s.




Tiger Philosophy lesson 160: 2015 goals reviewed

doelen 2015I love this period of the year, it allows me to assess my hard work during the year. When we set goals we are in an orgasmic state. In that state there are no limits and everything is possible. It feels like the summer but when the winter comes with it’s hardships, every next step becomes havier and one falls down into the post orgasmic state. In which the fire and the desire are extinguished. We have to train our self to survive the winter with the knowledge  that the  summer is coming.

I would like to go through my own goals of 2015 and evaluate them goal by goal. It is interesting to see what mistakes I have made and what improvement can be done for 2016 goals.

I use the word SMART which stands for (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant,Time-bound)

Personal development:
    1.  MCSE certification (not achieved), no clear study material from Microsoft to learn from.
  1. Webb & app Development (not achieved), with my new job and the amount of time needed to learn this, it was not realistic to achieve this in 2015.
  2. Read 12 books (partially achieved) I read 8 books this year, I was not specific enough which books to read, there is a big difference in reading Karl Marx or Harry Potter.
  3. Write 12 tiger philosophies (partially achieved), because I want them to be really good, I get into the never start syndrome.
  4. Finish the book IQ challenge (not achieved), takes too much time and not really a relevant goal.
  1. Run the Marathon of Amsterdam 42km (achieved), it was hard work.
  2. Train at least 2 times fitness and 2 times kickboxing every week, (partially achieved), this is not a SMART goal.
  3. Weight 70kg and body fat of 10% (not achieved), I was not disciplined enough to stick to my diet.


  1. Help my wife to pass her exams (not achieved), she hasn’t passed her exams yet.

  2. Send my wife to Pakistan for holiday (achieved).

  3. Keep visiting my family ones a week (partially achieved), not a SMART goal.

  4. Make my wife happiest women (partially achieved), not a SMART goal, difficult to measure 🙂

  1. Find a job as a Business intelligence developer (achieved).
  2. Earn salary of 5000 euro net (not achieved), I am confident I will next year.
  3. Start my own coaching company (not achieved), I have parked this goal, it is too much work at the moment in this  period of my life.
  4. Start a start-up with friends (not achieved), although we made a good effort to do so.
  5. Help friends to find a job (not achieved), although most of them are working now.
  1. Pray 5 times a day (partially achieved), not disciplined enough.
  2. Go for 10 days to Vipassana mediation Kamp (not achieved), with the baby it was difficult to do that this year.
  1. Pay of 10.000 euro of my 50.000 euro debt (achieved)
  2. Save 10.000 euro (achieved), I don’t have direct access to the money but it’s there.
  3. Help my wife to start a company (not achieved), not SMART enough.

I can look at this year and say, “so many goal  not achieved”,  or I can say, “I have run the full marathon, I have paid of 10000 euro of my debt, I have great job with good  perspectives and I am full of fire  to achieve my 2016 goals”.

Remember “Success requires no Explanation and failure permits no Alibis.

The question that arises, what is success?

Tiger Philosophy lesson 157: How I deal with my stress?

Stress = one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium.

Stress happens when we feel things are out of our control. “Everybody” feels stress one time or another.I am shocked to have experienced the effects of stress on me during the recent years, how it affected my physiology and psychology.

Here are few indicators when I experience stress and how they affect me.

  • 1st  of all I notice stress clearly in my body as amplified sensations at center of my chest area, this focus of sensations can move to different body parts.
  • 2nd my breathing becomes shallow, I cannot take deep breaths out of my belly.
  • 3rd my awareness of my surrounding diminishes, I don’t notice things clearly anymore, I feel like a walking zombie.
  • 4th I am always thinking of the problem or the negative outcome of it.
  • 5th during my sleep I cannot turn off the thought process.
  • 6th I do not feel sensational pleasures in eating or interacting with others.
  • 7th I become more emotional.
  • 8th my problem solving capacity diminishes.
  • 9th I cannot see the problem in its proportion, every things is blown out of proportion, here a fly becomes an elephant.
  • 10th I don’t see that I have a problem but I am the problem is my experience.

These are certain indicators for me when I am experiencing stress. During the years I have developed techniques to create an immune systems against stress.  It is not to say that I am not affected by it, but I can resist stress in a manner that it does not disturbs my daily balance of life to easily. I can recognize the signals as soon as they starts to emerge.

Few methods which have worked for me in decreasing my stress level during the years.

  • 1st I start to focus on my breath, I take deep breath as often as possible during the day.
  • 2nd I try to be aware of my thought process.
  • 3rd I sit in silent places and observe everything which is happening in the body.
  • 4th My most valuable jewel is to keep on doing physical exercise even when I feel stressed, stress is a form of undesired energy, which can be exhausted   through intensive physical exercise , the more intense and long the exercise the better.
  • 5th Experimenting with breath, holding the breath, berating in fast ritthem, hyperventilating, looking for a way which helps me in that moment.
  • 6th squeezing  the  muscle in my body as intense and long as possible, focusing specially on the eyes, jaws, hands and feet’s, after squeezing releasing the tension.
  • 7th taking long cold showers, you may find it funny, but during those shock moment of the body you have to regulate your berating in that stress moment.
  • 8th describing the stress and anxiety in detail, it gives a good insight into the cause of stress.
  • 9th having good hard conversation with your stress, treat it as you are talking to a person.
  • 10th talking to friends, describing your stress to them, creating this vulnerability, opening up yourself, has a very power full healing effect.

These are few examples, what can help in stressful situations, stress can come from time to time, but it should never become our life ally.






Tiger Philosophy lesson 156:The self-importance

A question was revealed to me, “What value does your live has?”  After reviewing this question, I was shocked by the self-importance, self-centered nature of the question.

The best answer I could think of was, Perhaps continuation of my gene pool to the next generation, protecting and taking care of the people who are dependent of me, sustaining the system which contributes to my self-centered and self-importance need.

This self-importance paradigm Leeds to a mismatch how I perceive myself and how I am perceived by others. My life may or may not have any value of itself. The value is created by the perception of people whose life is affected by mine, there investment in me, perhaps because that adds up to their projection of self-importance in the world.

Tiger Philosophy lesson 155: When do I feel the need to write Tiger Philosophy?

I cannot write tiger philosophy when I am happy or content.  To write tiger philosophy I have to go through a process of catharsis. The fertilization takes place at the meeting with sadness, the pregnancy is  the result  and the birth is the final philosophy.  The process is intense, the meeting is frightening. The pregnancy brings her own risks of not being able to cope with intense mental effort which can leed to a miscarriage.

I write this because I am pregnant of my philosophy not ready to deliver but in process of.  Hence the pregnancy is my savvier, I would suffocate from loneliness if I had not met my sadness.

Tiger Philosophy lesson 154: My weekly sermon to my loyal audience!

Winnie The Pooh

The Speaker : Listen carefully Winnie, today I will preach about something very close to my heart. To which I have a love and hate affair, to which I bestow insanity and achievement, that which is the cause and is the one responsible, which separates achievers from the beggars, the conqueror from the slave men, that which enlightens a flame in us that which burns us to the ground, that which is  birth right to all, that which is applicable to none, that which makes us jump out of  deep sleep that which is responsible for an absence of peace, that which can be a creative entity, that which can be a final destruction.

That which is forbidden by those who know, that which is craved by those in search, that which is sweet till it is sweet no more, that which creates and leads  to decay.

Audience : Soon Sheep the Fluffy joined the audience.Winnie & Sheep

The Speaker :  That which is terrifying near, that which is formidably hidden, a jewel to cut through all obstacles, but too rigid to make something beautiful. That which you can reach without permission but cannot achieve without tremendous effort.

OH my ugly beauty how I shall describe you, you sound as recitation from a wholly book and sometime a prayer to the devil. You accept no, No for an answer, yet you never come to a final conclusion. What is said is wrong about you, what is preached is wrong about you, yet one cannot say right about you one cannot preach wrong about you.

Audience: Mickey the mouse was attracted by the crowd and joined the meeting.The Audience

The Speaker :  One may respect you, one may despise you, one may abide you one may reside next to you. One may listen to you in deep silence one may think about you in deep impact. You cut from both edges, you are friend to none and an enemy to no one, you demand the respect of good and bad, you are the loving quality of god and a hidden weapon of the devil. You are like the toxic air, not breathing will cause death, and breathing you will end to a similar result. You are our greatest need, you will be our greatest enemy.

You are absorption of light, which will leads us to the darkness. I choose not to live without you. To you I feel my responsibility to you I own my strength to you I give second authority, without you I would be a plant, a flee just a blowing of time.

Audience: The youngest member entered the scene with a childlike curiosity.

The smallest memeber

Not everything I say makes sense my audience, there can be some sentences which could express a certain meaning in there context. But don’t for a moment think or accept that which I am saying or referring to you makes any sense. All I am doing is laying one brick on top of the next, without any plan, without any design. The construction may not be of any practical application, it may or may not be of any strengt, but it will be something worth looking at, that much I can guarantee not even that actually I can guarantee.

Tiger Philosophy lesson 153: Simple solutions to big challanges Part 1! vehicles in the world
60.000.000 new cars/year

We have some great challenges ahead of us, some of us will look at these challenges seriously others may shy away from them. One thing is certain we cannot deny the existence of these challenges.

Increasing traffic is one of those challenges which is responsible for pollution, burning of valuable resources and indirectly influencing are physical en mental health.

There are no good alternatives offered to us which could substitute cars. Public transportation systems are very expensive and not convenient.  Most of the time they are difficult to reach, uncomfortable, unreliable and crowded.

PTS refers here after to Public Transportation SystemTP 153 burning of valuable resourses

We love and need to travel, we don’t necessarily want to create more pollution during our journeys. One important solution for solving traffic challenge could be to, “Provide totally free, fully automated, highly efficient, first class experience of PTS”.

Lot of new challenges will emerge in creating a fully free automated PTS. Question will arise like, who will be responsible for the costs? How will it affect the Car industry? Will our economy not collapse? There are many more of these type of questions which have to be addressed. As a wise man ones said, “We cannot solve major problems of our life at the same level of thinking in which we created them”. We need to think in new ways about, work, wages, profits, responsibilities, property, ownership, efficiency, future and our planet. When we stop looking at things in one way, other ways of looking at things will emerge. billion cars in the world billion cars in the world

First step is to agree upon that we need to make some sacrifices in old thinking for a better future. We will not accept solutions which are destroying our beautiful planet in front of our eyes. Car is and maybe will always stay a more convenient way of traveling, but at a certain point it is not just about being convenient but it becomes a matter of life and death we have to choose from.

Second step is to use state of the art technology to build a new universal PTS, which is highly intelligent and efficient in its design. Governments should set goals for their countries.  “Every place throughout the countries should be reachable with PTS.  Traveling with PTS will always result in faster and more comfortable journey”.

Third step will be the how to step. There are many innovative ideas for future PTS systems. Some are promising others are to experimental. The modern vehicles should be built to adopt instantly to the need of supply and demand. Intelligent software should acts as regulating agent for timetables, routes, size of vehicles, speed etc. Nothing should be fixed rather everything should be determined based on demand.

The PTS should also be used to transport cargo along with passengers, there should be no need to use separate trucks or trains to move common cargo.

I would have liked to see Dubai as a pioneer in new ways of traveling, they could have done much more beneficial work then only building higher buildings. They had the money and ambition to experiment with these new ideas.

A creative idea, still very limited in its design!

Tiger Philosophy lesson 152: Why Devdas never loved Parvati!

It feels strange to accuse  Devdas, who has become our symbol of love as an advocate of  hate!  The more I think about Devdas the more his character starts to unveil his real nature. What I thought to be  a beautiful truth appears to be an ugly lie. Parvati was never the great love of Devdas, she was rather a beautiful means towards his  pathological goal.

Why would Parvati  love Devdas so much, who has only  written her 3 letters in 10 years. How gracefully she returns his ‘generous’ favor, by  burning an oil lamp for 10 years in his long expectations. Is she not living in a fantasy by denying the reality in front of her? Holding to a picture of time long ago, barricading growth and waiting to be rescued.

How have they become symbols for love?  

10 years have passed, the world has changed, everything has changed  but they keep on holding to this blurry image of their youth.

The  immature character of Devdas and Parvati  manifest in many ways in their life. Parvati who is living under the  psychological slavery of Devdas with her own consent and Devdas who has lived his whole live under the tyranny of his father. Like father like sun, Devdas enjoys tyrannizing  the people who love him. When it comes to important decisions taking he  withdraws himself from every form of  responsibility.  In the end  he destroys  a dream which was a fantasy which could have become a reality.

Despite Parvati’s childish behavior I can live with her, I have a deep respect for her patience and devotion towards Devdas.  But with Devdas I cannot be so forgiving I  have a personal vendetta with him.  After deserting  Parvati, his true nature comes in being. A pathological being craving for attention from others by inflicting pain to himself, a masochist of the highest degree. I would have been happy if he had left the scene after abandoning Parvati and never returning back. The innocence of Devdas is burning with desire to see his love ones in agony. Devdas  has taken two vows, 1st vow “to drink till death separates him from life” and 2nd vow to visit Parvati’s house one time before dying. One vow is to make his own life miserable  and other to ruin happiness of Parvati.

The entrance  of Chandramukhi  in Devdas live  is again a confirmation of his tyranny. Chandramukhi  who has accepted the misery of life, has accepted self-hate as love, has accepted love as means  to power. Who chooses Devdas as her lover as her worshipper, because in Devdas she sees a person with greater self-hate then her own.

I don’t think that Devdas  ever loved Parvati or cared about Chandramukhi, he loved pity he craved for attention which was  nourished by a deep self-hate. He enjoyed every bit of that misery, every  bit of pain and torment towards himself till the very end of  his life.

The love of a masochist.

End note: Then a question arises, why I would care to write about Deva and Paro?


Tiger philosophy lesson 151: When I was young, strong and vigorous!




Mr. X when I was young, the world seemed a land of opportunities, an  exciting and exhilarating place to live. I was in demand, the women loved me, people around loved me, I was successful and respected by everybody, I lived life to its fullest.

Nothing was impossible, the sky was the limit. I felt like I could drink poison and still survive, I could jump from a building and not scratch a dime anything I touched could turn into gold a flow of intense energy channeled through my veins.

Now I am old, and the same world seems a land of slavery, hostility and scary place to live in. Much I cannot handle anymore and many battles I cannot win anymore. My opponents are younger,  faster,  smarter and stronger then I am. My knowledge is outdated, my ideas are old and obsolete   it seems that I don’t have much to give to the world anymore.

I was always the head of the family, like a stem of the tree, I was respected, loved, others where dependent of me. Now I am no more than a rotten apple, nobody needs me anymore, I feel useless!

Man wants to feel important, productive, he needs this sense of significance in his life which is driven by challenges he meets. I just don’t have the energy or the willpower anymore to go for that extra mile. My brain has slowed down, I don’t learn new things as easily as I used to and I don’t get excited about anything anymore. It is like the life juice has evaporated in me.

I have difficult time in accepting this reality.  My first encounter with this reality was with my  own sun. Suddenly he could solve problems faster and better then I could, physically he had grown stronger than me. Instead of me teaching him new things he started to teach me. I felt proud but mixed with jealousy, because I  knew he was exalting while I was going downhill.

I never thought that one day I would get old, weak and sick and my life will decay in front of my own eyes.  I never wanted to look at the whole spectrum of life. I focused only on the parts I enjoyed the most, that was when I was young strong and vigorous! Now I feel so alone, everybody I loved are dead or dying. Soon my turn is coming, I am entering the inevitable truth of life,  the death!

Why is it that we get old and weak, why would our creator not make us in a way that we could stay young and healthy forever. Why does our creator want us to see suffer?  Why did he create this circle of birth and death, and if so why did he gave us this conscience of perceiving this decaying? I don’t belive in god or a paradise after life, what is then there for me, or is life  no more than random occurrences in this vast existence.

Are you not afraid of old age or death Mr. X?

………………. I do not see any reason to be afraid Mr. Russell. My answer may shock you as your reasoning has shocked  me. Once a friend said to me, “why do you think about your  own death?” . “Doesn’t everybody”, I thought to myself.

In some sense you could say I died the moment I was born, when my parents bought a cradle for  my birth they should have also bought a coffin as reminder of the inevitable truth. I have thought about every step of my life from the very beginning till the very end. How I will look, feel, think and  what I will be doing when I am old.  How I want the last day of my life to be, how I will  pass from life into the death. Who will be there to cry for me, how I will be buried, which words will I or the other speak  about me. Death will be the crescendo of my life. Not to have thought about this is to have  neglected  the most important thing in live.

Do you which me to proceed Mr. Russell?