Tiger Philosophy 169: Untraditionally traditional

How can I be touched by something so traditional which is so alien to me? It touches me to an extent that I have no explanation for it. I have lived my whole life in a foreign country. Majority of my time I have spent outside my own people. My activities never represented any of our cultural elements. I never liked anything traditional.  In that regard I have always praised the western way of living over ours. I liked their movies, I liked their music, I liked their way of thinking I admired them whole heartedly.

In short there is not much which binds me to my own roots. I can’t escape the colour of my skin nor my background. But emotionally and mentally I never had any strings attached to the country I was born in. I can’t even write my name in my language anymore. I have never been interested in what was happening there, I never followed any news or participated in any activities relevant or important to my country.

There was even time I used to say to people specially to girls that I was from Italy, I was ashamed of saying the truth.

Even the physical appearances of my country men I never liked. We are short, hairy, dark and with no characteristics which stand out compared to others.

In 30 years I have been back only 3 times and I have no intention of going back there.

Having said all this and yet there is nothing what touches my soul the way our folk music does, nothing brings me to deeper trance of tears then the simple words song in my mother language.