Tiger Philosophy 164: Life is a problem!

20160313_235546 Life is a serie of problems at very best challenges which needs to  be encountered and solved.

We encounter problems in all shapes and forms. We may have to lose our loved ones, we may have to witness an incurable disease, everything we possess can be taken away from us. The most unconceivable which we never hoped for or never expected to be could happen.

One’s a friend asked me why God was doing all this to him, why he was testing him so severely to the extent that he was losing his fate in God. God can be or is a shelter against hopelessness, but I find introducing god is adding unnecessary complexity to the problem. We can eliminate god from the equation and approach every main problem as any undesirable situation which needs a fix. The better we become in solving problems the better the quality of our life will be.

We may be  good at solving one type of problem but very poor at the other. We will be confronted over and over again with the same type of problems till we learn to solve them.

Solving a problem sometime means going through the wall sometime it means taking different direction  and sometimes taking few steps aside is enough. A generalization about a good problem solvers is that they approach a situation with the right artillery, they use enough ammunition to kill the rabbit not to blow it away .

20160313_235249First important thing is a proper analysis of the problem. Describing the problem clearly is most of the time half of the solution.

Second we can experience problems as, drowning in the water or  looking at the bowl of water. In the first metaphor we experience the problem as a victim in the second metaphor we experience the problem as an observer of an event.

Finally we should put the problem in the right perspective where we don’t make things bigger than they are.

TP 164 problem

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