Tiger Philosophy lesson 154: My weekly sermon to my loyal audience!

Winnie The Pooh

The Speaker : Listen carefully Winnie, today I will preach about something very close to my heart. To which I have a love and hate affair, to which I bestow insanity and achievement, that which is the cause and is the one responsible, which separates achievers from the beggars, the conqueror from the slave men, that which enlightens a flame in us that which burns us to the ground, that which is  birth right to all, that which is applicable to none, that which makes us jump out of  deep sleep that which is responsible for an absence of peace, that which can be a creative entity, that which can be a final destruction.

That which is forbidden by those who know, that which is craved by those in search, that which is sweet till it is sweet no more, that which creates and leads  to decay.

Audience : Soon Sheep the Fluffy joined the audience.Winnie & Sheep

The Speaker :  That which is terrifying near, that which is formidably hidden, a jewel to cut through all obstacles, but too rigid to make something beautiful. That which you can reach without permission but cannot achieve without tremendous effort.

OH my ugly beauty how I shall describe you, you sound as recitation from a wholly book and sometime a prayer to the devil. You accept no, No for an answer, yet you never come to a final conclusion. What is said is wrong about you, what is preached is wrong about you, yet one cannot say right about you one cannot preach wrong about you.

Audience: Mickey the mouse was attracted by the crowd and joined the meeting.The Audience

The Speaker :  One may respect you, one may despise you, one may abide you one may reside next to you. One may listen to you in deep silence one may think about you in deep impact. You cut from both edges, you are friend to none and an enemy to no one, you demand the respect of good and bad, you are the loving quality of god and a hidden weapon of the devil. You are like the toxic air, not breathing will cause death, and breathing you will end to a similar result. You are our greatest need, you will be our greatest enemy.

You are absorption of light, which will leads us to the darkness. I choose not to live without you. To you I feel my responsibility to you I own my strength to you I give second authority, without you I would be a plant, a flee just a blowing of time.

Audience: The youngest member entered the scene with a childlike curiosity.

The smallest memeber

Not everything I say makes sense my audience, there can be some sentences which could express a certain meaning in there context. But don’t for a moment think or accept that which I am saying or referring to you makes any sense. All I am doing is laying one brick on top of the next, without any plan, without any design. The construction may not be of any practical application, it may or may not be of any strengt, but it will be something worth looking at, that much I can guarantee not even that actually I can guarantee.