Tiger philosophy lesson 144: Watching the river!

Have I ever told you the story of my friend, who used to sit on the banks of the river? Let me tell you something about this remarkable man.  I never knew him personally. I never even spoke a word to him, but still I consider him the most valuable friend I ever had. He was my self-proclaimed friend.

He used to sit beside the river and watched the river with great intensity. Whenever I saw him he was looking at the river. I saw him sitting next to the river in the cold mornings, during the hot days in the soft evenings, in the rain, under the moon light at the rising of the sun. In the winter, in the summer in the spring . I saw him watching the river when it was crowded, I saw him watching the river when it was dried I saw him watching the river when it was flooding and violent. It was like he became part of the river when he sat there. Like a tree sitting just sitting for no reason at all.  I was passing this river for  years but I never could see the river with the same intensity.

After 10 years he suddenly  disappeared. I did not know where he came from, where he went why he sat there, what was he looking for. He used to sit there for  hours and hours. He was  just gone from  one day to another.

After him I stopped seeing the river. I still sometime go to the same place, but I just can’t see the river like I used to ; alive, radiant, magnificent, glorious and beautiful . I can’t see the river like that without him!

The deeper  layers!