Tiger philosophy lesson 147: Genetically wrong

As I was walking, I saw employees  of  Albert Hein –> AH  throwing away fresh flowers.. After my short inquiry, it  seems that AH has a  strict policy of throwing away leftovers.

It does makes you think about the whole situation. The reason of AH is simple, they have to maintain certain level  of  demand and supply. It is much more profitable for them to throw away then to give it away.

This is not just the case with AH, our whole system of society  and economic  is based on these principles. In one part of the world, millions of people are starving of hunger while in the other part of the world food  for millions of people is thrown away, which could have saved those millions of people from dying.

The system stimulates us to behave in certain manner.  There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the systems. But how can we create a correct and just system if the creator in matter is  wrong and unjust by nature? How can a creator create  anything other than his own image?

There  seems to be something  physical, something genetically wrong with us  human beings. We are  programmed to create systems which are very helpful to a certain group but at the same time very harmful to greater whole.

We can solve the AH problem by giving the flowers to hospitals or elderly houses. That will not stop somebody else from doing something else   somewhere else, which will be good for few but harmful to greater mass. We as human beings have this error or destructive side genetically build in us. We need to build  these destructive systems for the survival of that destructive part in us. At the same time we don’t have any other  way to build anything else then this destructive systems  to our disposal.

Losing my hope for a better world!