Tiger philosophy lesson 143: New years eve

Once again we are at the crossroad of the new year. It is a beautiful moment to stop and look inside ourself to evaluate if we are heading in the right direction. To awaken ourself from a dream state and be present in this moment. To reflect, to ponder upon and  to ask the most significant question of all, “How has my life been meaningful so far? ”.  This is not a question for some but for all of us! This question arises in us when we are acting from a responsible position in life.

What has happened in all my honesty to me in the previous year? I have felt fear, frustration, rejection,  sadness, disappointment. Despite everything I have kept my focus  onto that I truly desire in life. I have gained many insights during this journey. I have learned that I can be happy and peaceful despite  problems, difficulties, disappointments, deceases, fears, rejections…  A discontinuity from the outside factors in relationship to  my inner Pease.

I have learned that I have always the choice to choose for that which is in alignment with my deepest desires at any given moment. Continue reading