The 4-hour workweek

A great book, Tim talks about new concepts of business; he talks about the difference between the old type of businessman and the new rich person. One of the great insight  I had from reading this book was  that we have to  separate your time from our income. That means we have to think business in term of systems  which will  run automatically without  our active participation.  So the money is flowing in and we still have lot free time to do things we really want to do.  We do not need to ”work” for  our money, because we have set up systems.

Tim gives a radical new way of earning and living, his approach to simple everyday things  is also quit different then the most writers.

He also describe certain challenges in his book to get us out  of our comfort zone. That means doing things we don’t feel so comfortable doing. Here are some  example of the challenges in the book:

1. Lay down on the ground in a very crowded place for 10 sec
2. Ask the number of man/women you like in public  places.
3. Try to get 50% discount on everything you buy.

It will be a little embarrassing but hey what else is new.