Tiger philosophy lesson 149: Integrationists are racist in disguise?

The word Integration  has become such a hype in the society we are living in that no political party dares to proceed without this point on their agenda.

First of all I am not saying that integration is not a valuable thing. I am not saying that  speaking a language of  a country does not open many possibilities. I am  not saying  by adopting  to the  environment  one does not enhances  ones  chances of survival. I am not saying that respecting the culture we  are living in isn‘t important. Yet there is something else happening, which is again and again neglected according to my understanding.

The parties  who have put integration of foreigners as their  highest priority on their agenda, have gotten the most support of the Dutch population. This says a lot about the thinking of a nation.

By looking carefully at the whole situation, my  understanding is  that the Dutch society has difficulty in accepting the foreign community as there  equals. We are living in “civilized” times,  it is very difficult to enslave, repress or send the foreigners back to their roots. NO that is not civilized. Although one strong crazy man, with  charismatic  personality and an evil mission  can make everything possible even in a democratic and civilized societies. We are living in modern times, in modern time modern tools are needed to repress the minority and integration is   the modern civilized tool.

Majority of  the people who are pushing so much on integration, have never had real contact with the foreigners. There whole thinking is dominated by a prejudice handed over by other prejudiced minds who  simply can’t bear foreigners as there equals. Some people say, this is the result of all the extremism which is happening around the world at the moment. I am not sure if that is the real case for such a strong support for these parties.

I guarantee you that if all the foreigners start speaking better language then the Dutch people, which is already starting to happen there still won’t  be any integration. I guarantee you that if  all the foreigners were made to lose their  religion there still won’t be any integration. I guarantee you that if everything was done according to what the Dutch society  demands of the foreigners  there still won’t be any integration.

To understand this we must understand the psychology of the men, in this case the Dutch men. He does not want integration but segregation. Integration is a bidirectional  process, if he accept that he has to lose himself in that process. He has to become equal in that process and he does not want to be equal. He has always seen himself superior towards others and has a deep rooted need to keep on seeing himself in the same way.

Many foreigners  in there naïve behavior act like uncles Toms of  the Dutch’s. They too have adopted this idea of integration.  Their confidence and self-esteem is based on the approval of the Dutch men who evaluate their integration by how well they speak Dutch, how well they have adapted to the modern western thinking and culture. These uncles Toms rejoice on the  alms which are given to them.

Again I am not saying that integration isn’t important!