The 7 habits of highly effective people

7 habits of highly effective people has become a bible on leadership and management concepts of our time. It is one of the few books which does not talk about quick fixes, it  puts emphasis on fundamental principles. Like the law of nature  there are laws for success and happiness which are  governed by basic principles.  

Principles, like honesty, authenticity, integrity, loyalty, discipline, patients, love,  human dignity, contribution, quality, excellence, growth, encouragement, responsibility. We cannot bypass these principles in creating an authentic  and effective personal and business life. True happiness does not lie in quick fixes but in development of a strong character, which is in alignment with the law of nature.

What makes this book even more special is that  Stephen puts relationship with people above everything else and uses a beautiful analogy between business and family life. According to Stephen,  leading a  business is not any different than leading a family or personal life.

He challenges the  existing concepts about personal development, management and efficiency and reflects on those subject from a very different point of view. “The point is not to be efficient but effective, it is not doing things right but doing the right things right.

This book will take you into a journey in which you will discover your own personal leadership.