Tiger philosophy lesson 142: The art of love!

The very base of true love is nourished out of self-love. Can we truly give something to others what we do not possess our self? Can a bagger really provide to those who are in real need? The more one has the more one can give away, the more one becomes the more one can lead the way.

Self-love start with fully accepting our self at the physical level. This has nothing to do how the world perceives us how the others look at us and how the mirror images us. This is you accepting your perfect self.

Start accepting your face, head, hairs, brows, eyes, nose, teeth’s, mouth, lips, ears, chin, neck, shoulders, breast, arms, hands, belly, hips, butt, genitals, legs, feet’s, look at everything about your body, look at your weight, length, body smells, all the shortcoming all the handicaps all the deformations of your body, look at them part by part and except them fully as they are.

There is no question of beauty or ugliness here, this is beyond the judgment of the perceiver. You may be bold or have long hair, you may be thin or very fat, you may be young or very old, whatever you are, you are absolutely perfect.

Path towards true love starts with self-love. Self-love starts with accepting oneself. Accepting oneself starts at the outer edge of our being that is our physical body.

This may sound unpractical to many, but in our neurotic society we believe that we need to be/do something to accept ourselves. We are learned to be ashamed as we are, we are learned to disapprove our self.

I heard one’s a mother whispering into the ears of her deformed child, “I love you for you, you are my best and absolutely perfect creation ever”.

I accept myself that only qualifies me to accept the other!

The art of love!