Onbegrensde Mogelijkheden

A book which I got as my birthday present. It is a nice read, with lot of historical details. Not the type of book I would choose, but if it is written by Richard I am ready to read it. In this book Richard describes his passion for flying. The risks and sacrifices men have made to come so far and the vision one must have to create  things which seems ridiculous at a certain moment in time. 

He takes us  through the evolution of  aircrafts from the very beginning till now. He describes  in big detail his biggest passion for flying air balloons.

One of the most exciting things where Richard is working on is the “Virgin Galatic” project. Just within few years it will be possible for us to make a relative affordable journeys into  the space.  Where we can experience weightlessness,  the beauty and vulnerability of earth in first hand.


The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho, describes in his books a story of a young boy. Who sets of to reach his dream. During the journey the boy learns to overcome his fears, doubts and learns to trust his heart and signs which are provided by the soul of life to reach his dream.

In short the book is about that we al have our dreams, which he calls our legends and we have to go after our legends, only by doing that we can give true meaning to our life, only by doing that we contribute to the soul of life, which wants us to be happy. Our dream/legend does not mean we all have to find a treasure which is hidden far away, but we must look for our own dream and be sensitive for the signs which are prevailed to us.

This books really has made me started think differently about my dreams. I have many goals but I am not aware what is my legend, what is my dream, what is my purpose in this life?