Tiger Philosophy lesson 131: Agnipath

There is a path called “Agnipath”, the path of fire. Through Agnipath you enter into the path of pain and misery. If you stay on the path and continue your journey, you will see a serine light at the distance which will lead you the path of wisdom(the panjapath). The path of wisdom will bring you to the path of Pease, from there you will be escorted to the path of freedom.

Once there no shadow exist, there is no sense of direction anymore. You are at your destiny from the very beginning of your journey. You are always on the right path from where ever you may lose sight.

To walk the Agnipath, you have to become fire! “Why is it needed to walk on the Agnipath? “, asked The Destiny to The Journey. If you just knew what beautify is hidden in you my dear Destiny. you are unaware of your own value, you are like a fish in the ocean who is in search of water, who does not know in which abundance it lives. Everything in comparison to you becomes pale and sick, you are that rear diamond buried underneath the deepest of the earth. I can give you many other examples why they should walk on the Agnipath to find you my dear Destiny. But I am afraid you will not understand my why’s! Because I am limited in my communication to you by the words I can use to express, that which is far greater than any word ever could express.

The path of fire!

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