Tiger philosophy lesson 132: The capital of the consciousness!

We must learn/produce/give to find our happiness. We cannot be happy if we miss out these things in our life. Don’t wait for a savvier who will come in your life to make you happy. But learn/produce/give then you are working on the very essentials of life’s secret to happiness. 

Produce in abundance, more then you need for yourself, more then you need for others, more then you will ever need. Producing so much will trigger you to give, because giving is the next step in theevolution of producing. We all are like baggers, we cling so much to what we have and what we want because we haven’t produced enough.

Learn as much as you can because that will trigger you to teach to those who are ignorant and want to grow towards the clouds of the gods, you can help them in their quest.

The question arises, what must I produce? What must I learn? And what must I give? These areprivate question, each of us must answer them individually with a collective mind.

The capital of the consciousness!

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