Tiger philosophy lesson 130: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

I think u have not understood me properly Mr Y. When I say that I never quit, I don’t see quitting as an option. When I say I want more then I don’t mean enough. When I say that I am ambitious I don’t mean just becoming the richest men of Babylon.

When I say that I want her I am not asking for her permission. When I want something I am not thinking if I can afford it. When I say Pease I don’t mean happiness for my enemies. When I say yes I don’t mean being all positive. When I say love is the answer I don’t mean that hate is obsolete. When I say being flexible that does not mean being able to spread your legs.

You must understand something about you, through me very carefully now Mr Y. When I say you I don’t mean me. When I say darkness u say light u are not getting the point. When I say power you say weakness then u are not following me.

Now listen to me very carefully Mr Y. Our time has ended here but not our conversation!

Remember the warning!

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