Tiger philosophy lesson 127: when is enough, enough?

Where does this fulfillment comes from, when is enough, enough? When is the bucket full, when does men stop fearing for more? When does the men loses interest in more and more, what is that he wants from all this and that? Nothing brings fulfillment to him, but when he loses one he misses the other.

Is there anything what can give men satisfaction to his need? He is addictive in all his habits! What can he acquire where he truly can say I have enough, it seems there is no bottom to this bucket, it just goes and flows into the deep mass.

Let’s assume for a second that he is in search for something, or maybe let’s assume that he is how he is, programmed evolved into a restless being dancing on the tunes of his genetic programming. Let’s assume that he has a goal for himself unknown to him.

I wonder what is that men want except a deep need for more and more and more.

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