Tiger philosophy lesson 128: You are absolutely perfect

Your whole life you must change to adopt the need of the society. What if, from now on we take a different direction? You are perfect absolutely perfect in all your imperfections. In your mental emotional, devotional and physical structure. With all your shortcomings with all your positivity with all your ill wills, everything and everything is perfect about you.

No need to change even an atom in your body. No need to become more or less, no need to do this or that. Just as you are you are the perfection of the reality in itself. A true image of god created in his own self-image with all the godly carefulness. Not a single cell not a single atom not a single breath of your breathing is without any perfection. With this state of mind, you realize god, god in its full glory. Celebrate this state of the Ubermensch the state of the prefect being with all his imperfect perfections.

You are absolutely perfect.

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