Tiger philosophy lesson 126: Oh my dear sadness, saddest of all sadness

Oh my dear sadness, saddest of all sadness. You are the beauty the enlightenment the smell of roses. You are to me as is the night to the sun as is the love to the hate as is the ocean to the rain. You are my love you are my passion you are everything that is beautiful, joyful and good about me, you and only you is the purpose of all that I live for.

Truly the saddest thing in life is not to have experienced the deepest sadness in life.

Sadness is all I care about, all is sadness immense sadness. Sadness turns flowers into thorns turns butterfly into corps light into dark gray beauty into skin cancer. All is sad, sadness is the truth, it is the king worthy of praising.

On one side there is sadness on the other side there is sadness. Opposite of sadness is sadness, synonym of sadness is sadness. Day start with sadness and ends with sadness and surely life must seas to exist without sadness. Oh my sadness my beloved sadness my dazzling beauty in your eyes I see my unborn children.

“Why are you sad”, asked happiness to the sadness? “Why are you happy, what is there to be happy in life, all is sadness. Look deeply into the matter there is no reason to be happy, go to the dept. of the oceans and rise to the heights of the sky and then you will see the complete pictures which is not shadowed by the illusionary clouds. There you will understand and experience that all is sad and all is sadness in life.

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