Tiger philosophy lesson 97:

A very gentle man was telling me about the concepts of a tolerating society , respecting other person’s values. Nobody has any right to preach to others about right or wrong. He said, “I think it is crazy that people still have a very negative approach towards homosexuality and still are making racist remarks”.

I said I totally agree with you about being tolerant and everybody has right to feel and think as he/she pleases to choose. I myself find conflict with other people, when I say I disapprove homosexuality totally, that I feel very racist toward everybody who is of different nationality and color then I am, I approve fascism and I feel very strongly that the strong and intelligent must rule over the weak and the lesser.

The man stood up and called me a ”bastard”. I was puzzled by his behavior, what about my feelings, what about tolerating me as individual in my own right with all my thoughts and emotions.

The complexity of Tolerance!

My life, My thoughts, My opinion!

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