Tiger philosophy lesson 94:

When running in the morning, I was thinking of sleeping again. When I went to sleep I was thinking of getting up again. When I finally woke up I was thinking of getting late at work. When I was waiting for the bus I was thinking of reading my book. When I was reading my book I was thinking about a problem at work. When I was at work I was doing everything else but work………….

What so ever we do we do not do it with our full attention. When we are not with our fullest attention in our experience we miss the moment. Most of our soring for the past time is due to lack of a full experience. we miss the past because we never ever truly experienced the past. When we experience the moment in its fullest altitude, it becomes timeless, then there is no missing or thinking back. Because it is a part of our full experience.

What we miss from the past is what we have not experienced in its fullest.

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