Tiger philosophy lesson 93:

In the morning I was very happy, in the evening I felt a great sadness. The loud music of my neighbors made me angry, after their apology I felt a great understanding for them. Looking at the beautiful sky outside I felt very alive but after 10 minutes I was terribly board of the same sky. I met a girl of whom I got very excited in the beginning, but after just 3 days I lost all my interest in her. Successfully accomplishing a big project gave me tremendous self-confidence in my abilities , but after one drawback I had the greatest self-doubt ever. A stranger smiled at me and I felt great love for him, then my friend post boned our appointment and I felt terribly rejected by him. Again I was very happy for no reason and later I was very sad for no reason.

What is this turmoil of emotions.? Is this what we call normal? Where everything in us is determined by everything outside us! Do we accept this way of “normal” life where one lives a life of a dead leave carried by the wind in what so ever directions the wind pleases to move.

Are we so weak/strong that we cannot decide for our self what we truly want? Are we the masters of our life or are we the slave of our emotions? And what does it mean to go beyond our emotions, is that equal to a lifeless life, or is there much more to it then it meets the eye?

I do not know the answers; all I know is what I feel!

The never ending story!

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