Tiger philosophy lesson 145:Sharing my passion!

There are 4 things I need to do everyday, which really bring happiness into my day to day  life. This can be for everybody totally different but for me here are the following.

One I need to be totally alone for at least 1 hour  every day, in this hour I feel a deep sense of belonging  and acceptance. In these moments I experience a deep aloneness something which could be  described as a near death experience. After this experience a certain Pease prevails one me.

Second thing which makes me happy, is at least one hour of reading every day. Reading gives me an experience of  pregnancy, it makes place for new ideas, it creates insight, it creates newness in my thinking and understanding of myself and my surrounding.

Third thing which makes me happy is at least 1 hour of   intense physical activity. In which I allow my body to totally exhaust, that not a single breath or level of energy remains in me for doing something else . This gives a certain rush of liveliness, an  experience comparable  with  using drugs. The feeling of blood rushing  through my veins, this creates a strong connection with my body. Majority of us do not experience our body we only experience our head as our total body. But our head/brains/mind is just a part of the total body.

Fourth thing which makes me happy is being productive. That could be in form of work, accomplishments, helping someone, writing this tiger philosophy. Being productive is like giving birth to something new. Is like leaving something of yourself into this world.

Being  in search for  pleasure or happiness is childish. They are by product of our activities.. In search for pleasure or happiness is like a dog that is chasing his tale, not knowing that he will never be able to catch it. Because it is against it’s law of nature. When we pursue what we love, that could be something very very small happiness and pleasure follow us like the tail of the dog.

Sharing my passion!

What makes you happy?


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