Tiger philosophy lesson 135: A young boy and the scientist

I heard a conversation of a young boy and the scientist. The scientist tried to explain the young boy the rules of nature.

The scientist: Young man everything has a beginning.
Young boy: But what was then before the very beginning?

The scientist frowned and continued his story.

The scientist: Everything has an end and an outer edge.
Young boy: What is there after the very end and after the far most edge?

The scientist got irritated and became little cynical.

The scientist: After the very end there will be a haven and you will have iternal pleasures within.
Young boy: Will I not get bored from all the iternal everlasting pleasures?
The scientist: We cannot understand the will of god my young boy!
Young boy: why not?

The scientist continued and started to explain the principles of infinity.

The scientist: A circle is beautiful example of infinite points ordered in infinite precision.
Young boy: how can I then draw infinite points/circle in just 1 second. How can I draw all those infinite points in such finite time? So based on what u say I should be never able to finish the circle because it consist of infinite points, correct?

The scientist now started to get really annoyed by the “stupid” questions of the young boy.

The scientist: you probably know about 3 dimension have you ever heard of the fourth dimension. Let me tell you about the fourth dimension. It is something which we cannot understand experientially, because it is something beyond the framework of our logic.
Young boy: is it like when I dream about a dream when I am dreaming. I know I am dreaming about a dream but I am not aware that I am dreaming.

The scientist started to scratch his head and asked for explanation about his statement.

Young boy: we have to let go the logic framework of the mind. That something without a start can not have ending and without an end there can be no beginning.

The scratching of the scientist increased after every answer of the young boy and the young boy continued….

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