Tiger philosophy lesson 134: Reality is a state of mind

learning to change our mental state will enhance our ability to cope with difficult situations. Changing quickly our state from sad to joyful from lazy to productive from angry to friendly from depression to happy from boredom to excitement … Imagine if we would have control over our feelings in any given situation. Because we have no control over our state, we cannot commit to any decision in our life. We decide in the night to get up early in the morning, when it is morning we don’t bother to keep our promise. A strong character needs strong commitment! 


Changing state means observing our inner dialogue that will allow us to understand the relation where thoughts and bodily sensations meet and turn into emotions. Emotions will result in clinging or aversion of the mind that will result in our feelings. Ability to change our state will allow us to function optimally, not consistently being a victim of variation of bad moods, but being capable of changing them in any desired direction in any given moment.. a skill not easy to master but no diamond is easy found, that is the nature of quality.

We have identified with our emotions and feelings so strongly that we do not see that it is possible to act instead of react in responsive way at any given situation by mastering our state of mind.

I choose to feel, that which I truly desire!

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