Tiger philosophy lesson 119:

To Express oneself freely, what does it mean? To live a free life what does it mean? To be truly happy, what does it mean? To be yourself, what does it mean? To live a good life, what does it mean? To truly love, what does it mean?

To express one self, beyond the expectation of one self can be called a freely expression.

To live a free life is to be responsible without taking the ownership of the responsibilities.

Happiness is a raped word which now represent a consuming addiction. To be truly happy, is the process of experiencing not of expressing.

To be your self is to witness that which is being expressed. To know what is being expressed is to renounce the self-image, because where there is a self there is barrier to be true you.

To live a good live is, is to do what is the right action. That is to kill sometime and save other times, that is to build in need of construction and destroy in time of chaos. Remember the right action not the right deed.

True love is to love, without any reference all other is just another way of prostitution.

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