Tiger philosophy lesson 118:

Few years ago a girl asked me for direction to her office. I told her that I was going the same way and she could walk with me if she liked. During our walk we had really nice time and good laugh in those 15 minutes. Like always in life, she had to go left and I had to go right. I asked her if she liked to meet again for cop of coffee or little more! She said, “no I better not”. I said, “why not, it will be a blast”. She said, “no I can’t it does not seem right”, I said, “to me this seems right, just give me your number then I will call you”, she said again, “No”. I said, “come on”. Then she said, “what part of no you don’t understand”. Then I realized maybe I was pushing too much and that a no was a no.

One year later, I was walking on the same road and she came running after me and said to me, “do you remember me?”. I said, “the girl who did not wanted to go out with me”. She said, “it is your own fault”. “How come?”, I asked. She replied, “you gave up to soon, No is not always a no. I really liked you and wanted to go out with you, if you just had asked me maybe one more time”

I never understood this then, but now I do, “A No is not always a No”.

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