Tiger philosophy lesson 104:

Step 1: Write 5 successes you had in your life of which you are very proud of. This is to reflect and enjoy the successes you already had. It could be a holiday, your school, your friendship, your work, just anything you are proud of.

Step 2: Write down 50 things you would like to have/accomplished/done in coming 10 years, don’t limit yourself in your imagination. Just write whatever comes to your mind, a holiday to moon or a great relationship, A Ferrari or Fiat, a luxurious life or a relax life of a monk, just write down whatever comes to your mind.

Step 3: Write after each item, if it is a 1, 3, 5 or 10 year goal.

Step 4: Take the 4 most important 1 years goals and write down, why you want them so badly, the stronger the reason the stronger the motivation will be to achieve them. Write this in few lines per goal.

Step5: Write down what you need to become to be able to achieve these goals. Think of habit change, trainings, new adventures, whatever it may be. What do you need to “change” on your self to reach those goals.

Step 6: Write these goals at a place where you can see them every day, and start the adventure of achieving right now and here! Al great journeys start with one step at a time.

Creating the blue print!

Inspired by Jim Rohn.

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