Tiger philosophy lesson 103:

This year is almost over and the next will be over in a blink of eye. That is how futile life is, as they say it is just a matter of time!

Dutch writer ones described his wishes: I wish I had read more books, I wish I had visited more countries, I wish I had learned more language, I wish I had loved more women’s, I wish I had written more songs, I wish I had spent more time with family, I wish I had earned more money, I wish I had used my time more wisely, I wish I had enjoyed life more, I wish I had cared more for my health, I wish I had achieved more goals, I wish I had helped others more. I wish I had done more new things, I wish I knew my self. I wish ……….

What shall I try to achieve in 2011 and beyond? I asked the following questions in the open sky, the following answers whispered into my ears.

How far should I go? As far as you can!
How many books should I read? As many as you can!
How much money should I earn? As much as you can! How good life must I lead? The very best you can!
What should I try to be? All that you possibly can be!
When should I stop? Till the last ray of sun-light has reached your heart!
Why should I do so much? Why should you not?
How big should I dream? As big as you can!

Our happiness grows in the same proportion as our constructive and productive growth of our life.

The No Limit Life!

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