Your Erroneous Zones

Your Erroneous Zones is a true master peace. This book talks about how we have become neurotic in our thinking. Out of control human beings, who are blaming and putting responsibility for there life outside them self.

Wayne’s main message is, whatever is happening in our life it is the result of choices we have made till so far. Our emotional health is the result of responsibility we have taken till so far for our life.

Wane Dyer talks about the no limit person (NLP). The NLP has certain qualities. First of all he does not give responsibility of his life to anybody else except him self. Second the quality of happiness of the NLP comes out from him self, it is not referenced to anything outside him self. The third quality of NLP is, he does what he chooses to do, and he is not immobilized, by what the others will think of him, whether is it is right or wrong, whether he can do it or not, he does not make excuse for him self. He has an authentic confidence in him self and his thinking to live an authentic life that is a life he really desires to life.

You maybe interested to know, that Wayne Dyer is one of the pioneers in the (attention creates reality) movement. The movie secret is also inspired by Wayne Dyer’s philosophy.

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