Tiger philosophy lesson 148: Why I think you will not be successful!

First I would like to point out to the reader, the word “you” is not refered  particularly to the reader. I as the writer do not have the answer for you the reader. Rather this is an investigation together into this philosophy.

Before continuing I want to define and isolate the meaning of “success” in  framework of this philosophy. “Success” is climbing higher into the ladder of hierarchical structure of the society. The whole hierarchical structure in the society can be translated into money, power and influence.  In this context I am excluding the meaning of “Success” which can be translated into love and  health.

Being effective in acquiring more success by using  our  friendships as tools to achieve our means. The fittest the more successful survivor will be happier because of more abundance and choices in his life. In this thinking morality is not pursued  actively. Through this philosophy one  achieves higher degree of  morality  unconsciously. It is totally opposite to one who is consciously living a good and moral  life.

The statement:  “We are too busy in our life with our self, that we do not get the most out of our life for our self.”  The more I think about this statement  the more profound this statement becomes.

Having a clear focus which is backed up by an intelligent, disciplined and determined mind is not enough to climb into the ladder of success. A strong  platform of  cooperation is the final ingredient which is needed to get to the next level. From the single selfish gene to this complex bodily structure of  human beings there is tremendous cooperation.  Every single unit wants to survive that is its main objection. To survive it has to cooperate with others, it has to help others to survive to help survive itself.  To be selfish, to be in tune with our nature we need to be unselfish to support our selfish nature.

What does all this mean in practical terms? In order to reach for higher grounds, we need to support  others to climb higher. We need to think in terms of the others  instead of our self. We need to think how we can contribute instead of what we can get out of it. We need to create a strong wall of support for each other. In which ‘everybody’  has a certain sense of power which is created by this strong dynamism  of the group. A foundation of support  so strong that each  person can build his  own empires on it. This strong foundation can be created by being in service of each other. Seeing the challenges of life of  others as our own responsibility.

I am not saying  this from an altruistic point of view  rather my reasons are very  selfish and practical in nature. Majority of the people  will  disagree at this point, because they are already too busy or do not have the high energy level to go for the extra mile. These people have missed  the whole point.

There are some  very effective individuals  who  are successful. The success I am talking about is like the rays of sun and must not be confused for light of the bulb. 

My own failures  and losses in pursuit of success have  made me see things beyond the  visible and have forced me to   hear sounds  through the noise.

An investigation!

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