Tiger philosophy lesson 89:

So one night I was sitting and talking to my shadow. I asked the shadow, “What is needed to make men happy?” The shadow replied, “to fulfill every desire of men of course”. Suppose my shadow, if al men’s desire where to fulfilled, will that make men happy? “I guess so”, answered the shadow. But is there an end to the desire of men?

I ones heard a story of Sikander(Alexander the Great) that one day he met Diogenes on his way. Diogenes was sitting naked in his own dirt, Sikander saw him and was inspired by the man. He went to him and said, “do you know who I am”. Diogenes answered, “the sun was shining on my face and you are interrupting the sunlight”.

Sikander become very angry but also admired the courage of this old man. “ I am on a mission to conquer the world”. Diogenes asked, “what will you do when you have conquered the world, what will you conquer then”. It is said that Sikander became depressed of the very thought, what he will do when he has conquered the world.

So my shadow, this idea haunts me that I will be never truly happy, because I will never be able to fulfill my desires, because desire of men is like bottomless bucket.

The desire !

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