Tiger philosophy lesson 86:

There seems to be a confusion in what is meant to live a good life. It is said that there are people who live out of there head and there are others who live out of there heart and there seems to be a big gap in between their understanding of life in its purest form

One way to look at life is from the point of present, the other way to look at life is from the last moment till present. Following ones feeling and desire seems right but one must remember what taste good in the mouth may become bitter in the bally. This is the way of the artist.

Great master used to take there disciples to the cemeteries. The disciples had to set the direction of their life keeping the graves and the skeletons in their mind. This is the way of inner journey, desire and feeling have no space in these fields.

So three categories can be determined, living form the heart, the head or distancing from the both.

The question remains, what is to lead a good life!

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