Tiger philosophy lesson 83:

There used to be a fish called Vispuscana. Vispuscana, was the most intriguing, curious and energetic creature one could find in the great ocean. Always willing to help others, always wanting to learn and laugh. One day a big fish from the deep blue sea came and told the story of the great waters in the oceans. That as far as ones eye could see there where layers upon layers of water .

The story made Vicpuscana so curious, “ what is this water” , she asked? The thought of not knowing what water was made her so sad.

This was the sadness of Vispuscana that she could not see that she was surround by the deep waters, she was living in these great waters, water was all around her, but she was not able to see it. Because it was so nearby and she was in search for something far away.

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