Tiger philosophy lesson 121:

I am basically angry. Angry at everybody and everything. I am angry at my life, angry at family , angry at my work, angry at the society, angry at the teachers, angry at the religions, angry at politicians, angry at the world, for most of all I am angry at myself.

Just the pure anger, can you not see the beauty and strength of it? It burns like fires you have not seen or cannot be seen with naked eye. A beauty like the fires of hell, unparalleled with anything else! Fire and fire everywhere at once, just a pure source of energy, like a core of a volcano. It hurts and burns but fuels at the same time with this tremendous source of inexhaustible energy. This much anger cannot be accumulated in one life time, it seems like a burden of forgotten past, but which past?

I can tell you through this anger how a Hitler can be formed, or a Napoleon can raise to power or a Stalin can come to existence.

Releasing the pressure!

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