Tiger philosophy lesson 111:

I: I challenge you my fear, behold thy fate for I shall not tolerate you any other minute, I will crush and destroy you!

Fear: Why you fight against me, why do you despise and hate me so much, why do you not except me? For I am a greater part of you, much deeper is the connection among us then your superficial relation with you’re so called courage. Why do thy not accept thy fate? Have I not been good to you? For I have been with you from the very first day you still where in your mother’s womb! What must I do to make you accept me? You will die in this pursuit of yours.

I: You are cunning fear, you have taken too much from me, I have paid a far greater price for you company in my life. I accept you no more I want you no more I will tolerate you no more. I wish to live my later days without you, I wish to experience life before I die. I hereby end this long marriage from which I have outgrown now. I am in love with my courage, which was shadowed by your present for all these years. Leave thy me, leave.

I: I accepted you as my fate. I thought life was just that and no more. But now I have experienced heights beyond heights so I must rebel against all the darkness in my life and you belong to that darkness.

Fear: You know you cannot get rid of me I am in your blood and veins.

I: I may or may not but I as long as there is a single living cell in my body I will try.

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